Film Developing

Are you open everyday?
Our drop-off box is open everyday 7am-9pm.
Our lab operates Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and public holidays.
Where can I drop off my film?
Our drop-off box is located just behind Lulutea Cafe at Little Soho, Batu Bersurat
What if my rolls are blank?
So sorry, we will not be responsible for any blank rolls and we will not be able to provide any refund.
Why did my roll turned out blank?
There can be hundreds of reasons why your film didn’t produce any images.
The main causes are:
  1. Not loading the film properly in the camera
  2. Severe under or overexposure
  3. Camera malfunction
  4. Not using a flash indoors 
Do you print our photos?
No, at the moment we only provide soft copies which we will email you once photos are ready.
How long will it take for me to receive my pictures?
It will be ready within 6 working days, and for RUSH service, your photos will be ready within 48 hours.
How do I collect my negatives back?
After receiving your photos in your email, whatsapp us 1-2 days before you are planning to collect your negatives and we will prepare it for you to collect from Lulutea Cafe.

Gear Rentals

First time renters?
For first time renters, we would require you to send us a proof of identification ( IC/passport/driving llcence). On the day of collection, remember to bring along your documents - without your documents, we will NOT be able to issue the equipment to you.

Is a deposit required?
We do not typically require a deposit for rental. 

When does my rental period begin and end?
Our rental periods are based on 24 hours. Collection and return are available between 8am-6pm daily.

What about payment?
We would need to collect the rental fees before/during collection of the equipment. We accept cash and local bank transfer only.